Company-Owned Vehicles

Is your provider prepared for your high-risk files?

Every investigation is unpredictable, with countless variables. With our company owned vehicle fleet, DigiStream® reduces risk and maximizes success in unforeseen circumstances. Because DigiStream’s® fleet is locally managed, we have flexibility in reassigning vehicles immediately to sustain anonymity. From GPS tracking, to active vehicle maintenance to universal insurance coverage, we implement a wide range of resources in the field to benefit the party we value most, our clients.

DigiStream® never assigns an investigator to a case without a company vehicle. We prepare for each case with a vehicle equipped to conduct discreet surveillance in various settings. DigiStream’s® customized fleet and investigative expertise provide clients with unparalleled peace of mind.

In addition to knowing when an investigator arrived and departed from a case, our local managers are aware of how long the vehicle was idle, how  fast it was moving, driving patterns, safety issues and maintenance alerts.  This accountability and control is what allows our firm to confidently say we are the industry leader in surveillance minutes per assignment.

Company vehicles:

  • Provide control to supervisors
  • Limit risk
  • Increase video minute totals
  • Limit suspicion by neighbors, subjects and law enforcement
  • Are reliable and safe
  • Are eco-friendly 25-30 MPG cars
  • Are fully-insured by DigiStream® with comprehensive coverage

Stay Ahead of Your Claims with DigiStream®