Innovative New Services


DigiStream’s® PhysicianView service allows our clients the peace of mind of knowing that the treating physician on a workers compensation file has received and viewed critical surveillance or monitoring documentation.

A licensed professional investigator will personally schedule an appointment with the physician on file to sit together to view all pertinent video and review all corresponding reports. This is ideal for high exposure claims with successful surveillance efforts.


With the data collected by M.U.R.F.™, we can identify patterns of behaviors and schedules, establish positive identification, and obtain cost-effective background information.


We don’t stop at a zero. DigiStream® uses highly advanced tracking software to automate the management of problem files. The system notifies our case managers whenever we have an investigator in the area of a problem case. Over a period of sixty days, we perform numerous spot checks at no additional charge to our clients, gathering information on vehicles and individuals in the area and providing the highest level of service in the industry.

Targeted Claims Investigations

This service is an all-encompassing, on-site investigation aimed at uncovering the root cause of an accident, noting potential prevention of future losses, and deterring would-be fraudulent employees from filing frivolous claims. This program is tailor-made for each client and can be introduced on a national or single stage.

Stay Ahead of Your Claims with DigiStream®