Recorded Statement

As an industry staple, Recorded Statement investigations cover a wide range of services, including one-on-one interviews, record retrieval, person locates, scene investigations, and a myriad of additional services. Investigations will be tailored to the specifics of each case and client requests. In particular, DigiStream® weaves its capabilities into each Recorded Statement investigation, performing background and social media screens on the claimant prior to obtaining a statement so any inconsistencies can be addressed in the context of the claim file.

Recorded Statement investigations are perhaps one of the best tools in a proactive claims adjuster's toolkit, as additional services such as Surveillance, SocialPro PLUS® or Medical Sweeps can be completed with a higher chance for success based on the information gathered during the investigation. Successful and in-depth education on the claims process is required of every Claims Investigator who works for DigiStream®.

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