DigiStream’s® SocialPro®, a standard component of every SocialPro PLUS® assignment, can be ordered a la carte in order to provide claims professionals with a comprehensive look at a subject’s digital footprint. Our trained investigators crawl the internet using both proprietary aggregators as well as direct queries of popular social networking sites in order to uncover and log information that can be of help to claims professionals.

DigiStream’s® search methodology combines the computer science behind proprietary internet aggregators with the art of sifting through information to locate profiles, aliases, and screen names which will elude an untrained investigator. 

A SocialPro® uncovers social network posts, photographs, classified postings, relationships and online interactions, videos, blog updates, and any other information available online under both real and assumed names. The resulting information is then monitored for 60 days with updates and new information being sent to clients when material changes are detected. 

The monitoring period is a unique addition to other social media investigations, as real-time updates are available and are sent to clients when actionable information is found by our analysts.

Stay Ahead of Your Claims with DigiStream®