DigiStream® was founded in 2001 as a firm focused exclusively on surveillance. Painstaking time and resources were dedicated to the perfection of the trade through technology, equipment, and investigator training. As such, DigiStream® has set itself apart from the crowd through company-owned and monitored vehicles, flat-fee pricing, and a policy of not closing the file simply because the requested assignment was completed. All surveillance includes our Next Day Video® updates. On every single case that we work for you, we send you an email within 24 hours of working the surveillance that includes a link to view video of your claimant the very next day after it is obtained.

Company Owned and Monitored Equipment

All work at DigiStream® is completed by DigiStream® employees. Our fleet, a blend of nondescript and fuel efficient vehicles are monitored by the local office whenever in operation. Moreover, all surveillance is done from carefully selected and modified surveillance vehicles. This allows our managers to know when an investigator arrived/departed from a case, how long the automobile was idle, how fast it was moving, and provides maintenance and safety information. This allows DigiStream® to confidently say we are the industry leader in surveillance minutes per assignment.

Flat Fee Pricing

All surveillance is billed at a flat fee. DigiStream’s® flat fee pricing includes the location, fuel, lodging and any other expense, DigiStream® does not pass costs onto the client, but instead honors its commitment to a flat fee for every case. When you order from us, you will know the final charge from the minute you order. No surprises – ever!

Cue60 Monitoring

Many companies see the end of the last day of surveillance as the end of a case — this is not the DigiStream® approach. Rather, many cases are monitored for a minimum of 2 months following the final day of efforts. Utilizing proprietary software, company assets and our small business approach, we find a way to stretch our client’s surveillance dollars. When we have an investigator in close proximity to a “problem case” we are alerted and then can perform a complimentary spot check. Moreover, if paired with a Social Media Investigation, the subject’s online presence is monitored for the same 60 day period to determine the best time for future surveillance efforts. We call this our Cue60 program!

Stay Ahead of Your Claims with DigiStream®