Medical Sweep

A medical sweep is an innovative and legal way to uncover the existence of medical records which may have been concealed, either purposefully or inadvertently, by claimants. At the direction of the client, DigiStream® identifies a geographic location on which to center the search (often a claimant’s residence or a location where there is suspicion that a non-industrial injury took place) and canvasses medical facilities within a designated area.

The results are HIPAA-compliant and show the admittance date and location of treatment. A signed HIPAA release can then be obtained from the claimant in order to retrieve the physical medical files. The results of the sweep can be used to enhance an AOE/COE investigation or simply as an inexpensive fact-finding service to determine whether further investigation of suspected pre-existing injuries or conditions is warranted.

Although medical facilities such as hospitals and emergency care centers tend to be the primary focus of these canvasses, our medical sweep service can also be used to target medical specialists, such as chiropractic providers, as well as pharmacies, urgent care facilities, gyms and fitness centers.

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