What is a GeoSocial Sweep?


DigiStream’s® GeoSocial Sweeps combine trained Research Analysts, custom geolocation software and our proven search methodology to uncover geotagged social media content at specific locations and times. Geotagged content is rapidly increasing in prevalence on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It can provide photographs, videos, and posts pertaining to the incident in question.

Due to specific geolocation characteristics, it is possible for DigiStream® to uncover and pinpoint this content at any location in the world. The resulting information may be helpful in producing evidence and witnesses previously unknown to legal and claims professionals.



The GeoSocial Sweep launched a new investigative discipline utilizing geotagged social media to uncover content and witnesses previously inaccessible to our clients. In the first 12 months leveraging our customized software and methodology, DigiStream® was able to locate over 200 witnesses and thousands of valuable posts for homicide investigations, large-scale property claims, eight-figure casualty claims, and major motor vehicle accidents nationwide.

GeoSocial Sweep - One Year of Results

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