SocialPro PLUS®

The SocialPro PLUS® report was developed to address glaring deficiencies in modern background checks: they lacked relevance, a broad scope, and social media information. Significantly, they neglected to offer access to the wide array of information which can be found on the internet by trained investigators. Since online information and traditional background information were mutually reinforcing in the results they generated, the logical conclusion was to fuse the two together. With a SocialPro PLUS® report, investigators perform a background check returning criminal, civil, and property records in all 50 states and overseas territories. Utilizing information parsed from the background check, DigiStream® then initiates a social media investigation on the claimant, uncovering and documenting their digital footprint. The results are then monitored for 60 days. Our SocialPro PLUS® service addresses some of the following red flags:

  • Personal Activities via Social Media
  • Financial Distress
  • Secondary Employment
  • Business Registrations
  • Litigation History
  • Criminal Records
  • Familial Obligations
  • Recreational Licenses
  • And much more…

A SocialPro PLUS® is the perfect tool to proactively investigate suspect claims. It is also extremely powerful when bundled with surveillance or when utilized in Pre-trial Preparation.

Stay Ahead of Your Claims with DigiStream®