Our Story

DigiStream® was founded in 2001 as a firm focused exclusively on surveillance. Painstaking time and resources were dedicated to the perfection of the trade through technology, equipment, and investigator training. As such, DigiStream® has set itself apart from the crowd through company-owned and monitored vehicles, flat-fee pricing, and a policy of not closing the file simply because the requested assignment was completed. All surveillance includes our Next Day Video® updates. On every single case that we work for you, we send you an email within 24 hours of working the surveillance that includes a link to view video of your claimant the very next day after it is obtained.







Clip of The Month

This Clip of the Month features a subject who was collecting workers’ compensation benefits after allegedly suffering a neck and knee injury while working for our client, the insured. The collaborative efforts of both the employer and the claims handler directed the claim to DigiStream® for a comprehensive investigation.

Utilizing both Social Media and traditional surveillance, our investigators documented the claimant performing activities well beyond his reported limitations, including walking long distances and general yard work. Right outside the claimant’s home, our investigators captured footage of the claimant lifting heavy bags of soil, bending and kneeling repeatedly, and shoveling dirt.





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