Ancillary Services

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Field Investigations

In addition to being a trusted resource for courtroom ready services like surveillance and online investigations, DigiStream® offers an array of field investigations that can help our clients make informed decisions on complex claims



Our trained investigators conduct an in-person interview ensuring the claimant/beneficiary is in fact, living and receiving benefits. In addition, DigiStream® conducts a brief background and social media investigation to uncover any relevant information to the benefits process.


Digistream’s® claims investigators are backed by the full research capabilities of our intelligence division and begin each case with the industry’s most thorough case preparation. We are experts in obtaining quantifiable self-reported limitations from the claimant, which can then be refuted by DigiStream’s® surveillance and social media investigations. We are specialists in psyche and anxiety, repetitive stress injuries, harassment, subrogation, apportionment and scene investigations.


As an industry staple, AOE/COE investigations cover a wide range of services, including recorded statements, records retrieval, person locates, and scene investigations. Each investigation is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their unique case goals. DigiStream’s® AOE/COE investigation was designed to pair seamlessly with our surveillance and socialpro series.


DigiStream’s® TCI is an investigative program specifically designed to improve safety, reduce claim frequency, and educate employees or their respective union representation about filing questionable or fraudulent claims. We provide custom solutions to investigate and deter problem claims through consultation, pro-active technology, and in-depth interview and scene inspection.


DigiStream’s® field investigators are available to retrieve physical records whenever digital records are inaccessible.


DigiStream’s® sweeps are designed to uncover critical information about a subject’s medical history, routines, hobbies and general activity level by targeting certain facilities within a geographic location.



DigiStream’s® medical sweeps are a legal way to uncover records that may have been concealed. At the direction of our client, we will identify the location to search – usually the claimant’s residence or other locations that a non-work-related injury may have taken place – and canvass facilities within a 30-mile radius. Medical records will not be provided without signed consent in compliance with HIPAA.


When our clients have unique questions that neither surveillance, public record searches nor social media investigations can fully answer, DigiStream® offers a suite of specialty sweeps that can help fill these information gaps.

*Services only available in USA

Dynamic Research

In cases where our standard suite of services is not applicable or there is a unique investigative goal, clients are able to leverage DigiStream’s® research analysts by the hour.



Our Investigative Advisors are always available for consultation. Although we’ve packaged an array of solutions aimed at our client’s most common challenges, we never stop thinking outside the box. Allow us to tailor our Research Analysts' efforts to meet your exact needs.

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