15 November 2019

DigiStream® Virginia is Now Open

Lead Investigator, Dan Carter will head up DigiStream's® newest affiliate in Virginia.


Meet your local investigative consultant, Dan Carter!

(540) 340-2125

Dan is the Lead Investigative Consultant for DigiStream's® newest affiliate in Virginia. He directs surveillance operations, educates, and advises clients on the best investigative practices.  Mr. Carter managed and trained field investigators before entering his current role.

Prior to Digistream® he was a Scout Sniper, Team Leader with the United States Marine Corps. Deployed twice to Afghanistan, he became an expert in land navigation, camouflage and concealment, surveillance tactics, collecting and reporting high level intelligence and identifying individuals’ habits and routines. Mr. Carter was amongst the top 300 in active duty. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Johnson and Wales in Denver, CO. Should you have any questions or assignments in Virginia or Washington D.C, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dan!

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