1 July 2019

Meet Your Local Investigative Consultant In The South East

Digistream® congratulates Bob Gordon on his recent promotion to Local Investigative Consultant in the South East.


Bob Gordon (813) 412-5677

Covering Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana

Prior to this role, Bob grew through the ranks at the DigiStream® Mid-Atlantic branch by immersing himself into every aspect of investigations since being hired in 2013. This included conducting in-depth desktop investigations as a Research Analyst, working surveillance cases as a Field Investigator, and most recently serving as an Investigative Consultant presenting to clients about best practices and strategizing plans of actions.

Prior to entering the world of investigations, Bob earned his Bachelor of Arts degree for Journalism and Media Studies with minor in Digital Communication and Information at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. As Investigative Consultant for the DigiStream® Florida affiliate, Bob will focus on providing a high level of customer service and oversight on cases to ensure that our clients in the Southeast are receiving the best possible results on their investigations.

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